Skin Rash

Medical definition.

Rash is a breakout (eruption) on the skin. There are several factor that mey  cause it, from contact with caustic or irritating substances, allergies, hormonal changes or even an underlying medical condition. The treatment depends on the underlying cause of the rash. The term should not be used as a specific diagnosis. It is shown as a symptom in the form of inflammation but is presented as an inflammation and / or discoloration and distortion of the skin.

Symptoms and signs.

The first symptom that appears is the change in the texture and color of the skin. This is usually followed by an outbreak of red spots or bumps on the skin.

The eruptions can manifest itself in different ways, always depending on the cause and the area it affects. in medical terms, a macular rash presents in small red spots flat on the skin, while a papular refers to small red raised bumps. If both signs are present then this Rash is called maculopapular. The formation of blisters, ulceration or flaking may accompany the afection. The condition with blisters is called a vesicular rash. Itching (pruritus) may or may not accompany an eruption.

Most common causes.

A large number of skin diseases have this condition as common symptoms. These may be fungal, bacterial, viral or parasitic.
This symptom appears in eczema, athlete’s foot, hives,  allergics dermatitis caused by poison ivy,  virals exanthemasallergic drug reactions and the heat rash (miliaria).

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