Mixed Skin Care Routines

Mixed skin or combination skin means, that there are areas of your skin with different characteristics. Your skin may be dry on the cheeks or jaw and be oily on the forehead, nose and chin (T zone). It can be difficult to take care of combination skin, but it is not impossible. Below we suggest a routine that will help you take care of your skin in case it is mixed.

Skin care of Combination Skin.

In the morning.

  1. First thing in the morning is wash your face with fresh water. Avoid hot water, hot open your pores and dry your skin.
  2. Use a cleanser for mix skin, oil and alcohol free, preferable of natural origin.  Apply it, gently massaging the surface of your face in circles.
  3. Then use a a moisturizer. You must reinforce the dry areas by applying a thicker layer and being more reserved in the most oily areas, remembering that the cream should be free of alcohols, oils and sulfates, ensuring that it is effective and tolerated by all our skin.
  4. One of the fundamental causes of aging, the spots on the skin, the emergence of wrinkles and lines of expression is exposure to the sun. 75% of this exposure occurs within our homes or offices. Unlike the damage caused by sunburn on the beaches, the effect of this exposure to the sun is progressive and imperceptible. That is why we should ALWAYS use sunscreens, whether included in our moisturizers or independently.

During the day

  1. If you hydrate your body, your skin will also be hydrated, so drink a lot of liquid.
  2. After lunch refresh yourself, applying a soft tissue or handkerchief moistened with fresh water, then apply a new thin layer of moisturizer and sunscreen on your skin.
  3. The skin, as an organ, needs quality nutrients. Incorporates healthy foods rich in vitamin A, D, E and C as antioxidant.
  4. Modern life is full of stressful situations and these accelerate the aging of the skin. Practicing sports, besides being favorable for the organism, helps to release tension and cure stress.

Before sleep

  1. Wet your face with water to moisten your skin then remove all makeup from the face, using a make-up remover for mixed skin.
  2. Once, clean your face again, this time with a cleaning gel or cleansing foam, it should not have alcohol or sulfates.
  3.  Apply a good layer of cream in the dry areas and a thin layer in the T zone.  Pay special attention to sensitive areas. You should use a cream that improves the water balance of your skin.
  4. Rest is necessary for cell regeneration, when the skin replaces the tissue by new layers of skin, repairing and replenishing layers of collagen and elastin.

Three times a month.

  1. Before exfoliate the skin you have to remove all makeup, then a clean and moist your face. All these must be specific for mixed skin. Remember that if we use a product designed for another type of skin may not be effective and the worst case damage it.
  2. Place a small amount natural, organic exfoliating product specific for mixed skin on the finger. Gently massage the skin circularly, once you have covered the entire skin wait a few minutes before rinsing your face with plenty of warm water. This will allow the exfoliating penetrate deep, facilitating the regeneration of a new layer of skin.
  3. Moisturizes all your skin, paying close attention to dry or sensitive skin. When having a mixed skin, the care must be very careful, use oil-free creams to moisturize the greasy area of your skin and without smells to avoid irritating the most sensitive areas. remember to choose creams that are of natural origin, not comedogenic and hypoallergenic. so we prevent or minimize acne, dermatitis or rosacea.

Useful tips for people with Mixed Skin.

  • Moisten the skin in needed zones,  with hemolytics and humectants free of allergens and alcohol.
  • In case of irritation, redness or itching, avoid touching, rubbing or scratching. stop immediately the use of cosmetics and go to a specialist, do not self-medicate, if you can modify the injury, making it more difficult to diagnose and treat the condition.
  • Avoid prolonged baths with hot water and exposure to cold, both reduce the moisture of the skin, drying it even more.
  • Soap and detergent have substance in surface-active bars to facilitate cleaning, but at the same time they can cause irritations to dry, warm skins and even mixed skins, avoid the use of bar soaps, it is preferable to use bath gel or syndet soaps special…
  • Use always sunscreen in order to avoid photo aging due to sun exposure. Tanning chambers is also other source of harmful UV radiation. Ultraviolet rays may cause severe damage and dehydration to the skin, increasing the probability of develop skin cancer
  • Increases the total intake of liquids, the consumption of vegetables rich in vitamin A, D and E.

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