How to take care of your skin in the winter

winter skin care

At this time of year, our skin is more exposed to adverse external factors such as cold, wind, temperature contrasts due to heating and solar radiation. These cause skin hydration and nutrition levels to suffer and the barrier function to be altered. Therefore, the skin dries out and dehydrates in winter.

winter skin care

Don’t forget hydration and daily care

In general, you have to take care of your skin in winter, both protecting it from the sun and moisturizing it properly. We leave you our recommendations that you should take into account throughout the year and especially in winter:

  • Protect your skin from the sun, although during the winter the sun’s intensity is lower does not remove the skin from the inclemency of the weather. So we recommend that you apply a high level of sun protection every day.
  • Cleanse your skin every day, day and night. It is important to keep your skin free of dead cells and clean. Every day we must cleanse it of make-up or pollutants that we accumulate during the day.
  • Remember to moisturize the skin always in winter, you can follow a day or night treatment, as you prefer and as long as it adjusts to the needs of your skin type.
  • Take care of your diet. Take advantage of the nutritious and varied Mediterranean diet to include all types of products in your menu, including fruits and vegetables. They will provide luminosity and a healthy face.

What conditions should we take into account in winter? And which cosmetics to use?

Wind and cold dry the skin easily and to avoid this, we need to use creams with great contribution of intense hydration, to relieve the feeling of tension, and combat dehydration, as this influences facial aging. We recommend the following facial treatments with sun protection:

OLAY is a well-recognized brand in skin care and with its Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream promises results in wrinkle reduction from day one. Not in vain, it is one of the most popular. This 1.7 ounce bottle has moisturizing and regenerating properties for the cells on your skin’s surface, the worsening of which is accentuated in winter, providing daily hydration of normal skin, dry or devitalized by age or external agents, which requires care and protection against free radicals.

L’OREAL paris Revitalift anti-wrinkle and restorative cream firms the skin with visible results in 4 weeks. This cream for the face and neck has a formula based on stimupex and pro-retino A that helps rejuvenate and soften the surface of the skin.

NEUTROGENA from the renowned brand ensures an accelerated repair of wrinkles on the face and neck. This bottle with a simple applicator and an ounce of content is applied to specific areas to take effect during the night.. Nourishing and anti-wrinkle cream that regulates the formation of melanin. Indicated for the prevention of spots and care of skins with tendency to pigment, and in skin lightening treatments.

How to care for and protect the skin in snow?

At this time of year, many people take a few days off to enjoy the mountains and snow. And in this way you can practice the favorite sports of this season such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or simply relax and rest in the mountains.

Snow reflects 80% of the solar radiation of ultraviolet rays, is where most of the light is reflected. Even if it’s a cloudy day, don’t forget to apply high sun protection and lie down frequently. As the altitude of the mountain, the sun burns us more easily and the risks increase for the skin. We recommend  OBAGI SUN SHIELD SPF 50 which has a very high fat-free sun protection and because of its non-occlusive formulation and barrier action, protects long-lastingly and intensely. Prevents premature photo aging and prevents the appearance of stains, has a matte finish, soft and silky, immediate absorption, without white effect, ideal for any sport.

After a snowy day and all day. It is always necessary to cleanse and tone the skin so that the skin can better absorb any active ingredient that is then applied. A clean skin prevents ageing and gives it a vital and luminous appearance. ELEMIS Cleansing Milkcleanses the face while respecting the natural hydro lipidic film, providing a moisturizing effect. And after this, apply FACIAL TONIC which tones and repairs the skin, and complements the facial cleansing. .

As a treatment both in the morning and at night, we recommend the RECOVERY CREAM that regenerates, intensely hydrates and exerts a fundamental barrier function for our skin. This is possible thanks to its unique formulation created to solve the problems of our skin in winter. And if you find yourself in extreme temperatures, we recommend that you apply SKIN COVER after the RECOVERING CREAM. This is a protective silicone gel with barrier effect that will prevent the skin from losing its own moisture, making a lasting protection.

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