Condyloma, condyloma acuminatum or genital wart is a hyperkeratotic bump of the skin and is the clinical manifestation of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. In some patients this infection is maintained asymptomatic, subclinical or latent depending on the state of the patient’s immune system. This disease is highly contagious and is transmitted through sexual contact. It has been shown that HPV, especially two of its strains, HPV 16 and HPV 18 are responsible for approximately 70% of cases of cancer of the cervix, vulva and uterus.

 What do genital warts look like?


Genital warts can be very varied, from small to whole clusters that remind a cauliflower. A simple way to diagnose the genital wart is to apply acetic acid to 3 – 5%, or in its absence vinegar, on the protuberance and the surrounding area with the help of a Cotton stick, at 5 minutes all the warts will turn white .
The diagnosis of anogenital warts is usually made by visual inspection and only in case of color change, hardening, bleeding or ulceration is necessary to perform a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment of genital warts.

For the treatment of genital warts there are basically two modalities, those that can be applied by the patient and those that are received from a specialist, usually a dermatologist. These treatments range from topical treatments to surgical procedures that sometimes require more than one intervention to remove these genital warts in their entirety, although these procedures do not guarantee that they will not reappear.

When there are condylomas in the genital and perianal  area, it is necessary to do a gynecological and the rectus examination, due to the probabilities that the mucose of vagina, cervix and rectum are involved

The factors that determine the treatment to eliminate anogenital warts are varied, the main ones are:

The choice of type of treatment depend of:

  1. Number and size of warts.
  2. Location of warts.
  3. Cost of treatment.
  4. Possible adverse effects on the patient.
  5. Comfort and privacy of treatment..

In general, warts located on moist surfaces or intertriginous areas respond better to topical treatment and do so within 3 months after therapy.

There are several treatments to get rid of genital warts:

  • Self applied by the patient at home.
  • Received in consultation.
Self applied by the patient at homeReceived in consultation.
Medical prescriptionOver the counterTopicalSurgical
Imiquimod 3.75% or 5% cream†.

Podofilox 0.5% solution or gel.

Sinecatechins 15% ointment†.
Wart Mole Vanish
Terrasil Wart Remover
H-Warts Formula
VidaroX Wart Removal
Naturasil Natural Wart Remover
Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)
Bichloroacetic acid (BCA) 80%–90%)
Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen or cryoprobe.
Surgical removal (tangential excision, curettage, laser, or electro surgery)
Many persons with external anal warts also have intra-anal warts. Thus, persons with external anal warts might benefit from an inspection of the anal canal by digital examination, standard anoscopy, or high-resolution anoscopy.
†Might weaken condoms and vaginal diaphragms.

Genital Warts medication overview.

Topical treatments are used to get rid of genital warts that are exposed. In cases of genital warts in the vagina, urethra, cervix, uterus and anus, the required method is cryogenic surgery, when it is performed by an experienced specialist it is quick, painless and leaves no scar.

Self applied by the patient at home (Medical prescription)

Imiquimod topical  also known as Aldara or Zyclara is an immunomodulator, it enhances the host immune system to fight the HPV. This gel is used in alternate days, resting the week end.

Average retail price: Common version of imiquimod is around $30.99s

Podofilox topical:  Commercialized in US as Condylox or Condyline in Canada. Podofilox works by destroying the skin of the wart. This medicine is caustic and usually applied in the morning weekly. Neither the gel nor the solution is used to treat warts that occur inside the rectum, vagina, or urethra.  This 7-day treatment cycle should be repeated up to 4 times, or until you can no longer see any signs of wart tissue.

Some side effects may occurs during the treatment as  blistering, crusting, or scabbing, burning, dizziness (solution only), headache (gel only),
pain during sexual intercourse (solution only), pain of treated skin, problems with foreskin of penis (solution only), redness or swelling of treated skin, scarring of treated skin (solution only), skin ulcers of treated skin and vomiting (solution only)

Average retail price : from $100 to $118 USD (Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart ).

Sinecatechins topical: Commercialized in US as Veregen or Polyphenon E, this medication is an an immunomodulator which should only be applied in patients older than 18 years. This medicine is applied 3 times a day in the form of a thin layer on the condilomas until its total disappearance, this usually occurs within a period of 16 weeks.

There are no contraindications listed in the prescribing information, although there is a likelihood of suffering adverse effects during treatment, examples of which would be: erythema, erosion, edema, itching, and burning. This medicine should not be applied on.

This medication should not be used in urethral, intravaginal, cervical, rectal human papilloma viral disease.

Average retail price (15g gel):  $398. USD

Self applied by the patient at home (Over-the-Counter)

Having genital warts is stressful, annoying and on many occasions patients are ashamed to go to the medical clinic and be examined. Another factor of demotivation is the economic, because not all those affected have medical insurance to cover the treatment.
In these cases the patient usually self-medicates, which is undesirable and very dangerous, since far from treating the disease.
Although the diagnosis of genital warts or condylomas are relatively easy to diagnose, it is recommended that this test be done by a doctor. if you need a quick, exact, anonymous and free diagnosis, you can do so here

A safe place where you can find medicines to get rid of genital warts is amazon.com.
Below I leave the list of the 6 best over the counter medications for genital warts.

Over the Counter Genital Wart Removers

Product NamePrice
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Wart Mole Vanish

Terrasil Wart Remover

H-Warts Formula


VidaroX Wart Removal

Naturasil Natural Wart Remover
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