Frequently Asked Question’s

1- You offer a Dermatology Consultation Online? How does this work?

Here are the basic steps:

Once you complete the query form, you will have the option to add details and upload images. Our doctors will contact you by email within 8 hours or less. At the end of the consultation, you can request a consultation report to take to your GP / GP.


2- How do I know that this website is not fraudulent and that the doctor is a genuine doctor?

Dr. Perez is registered with the regulatory body for doctors (General Medical Council). You can check his details online on by clicking here. Her Registration number is 1371.


3- How much is your consulting fees?

Completely free.


4- How long can I talk to the doctor for? Do you offer a follow-up consultation?

When you first seek a consultation, you can ask/ reply to the doctor any number of times. The doctor will give you an approximate time frame for seeking a follow-up.


5- I have a suspected skin cancer/changing mole. Would you be able to help?

Most skin cancers can be diagnosed with good quality photographs (most modern mobile phones are able to take good quality photos). So yes, whether you are worried about a new growth or a cancerous mole, certainly we would be able to help.


6- How do I obtain medicines after the online consultation?

DisclaimerPlease note that this is purely an advisory service. The discussion/ consultation with our dermatologist, is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation. Therefore you are advised to speak to your doctor before you start any medications. 

It all depends on whether the medicine you require is a prescription only medicine or is available over the counter. Over the counter medicines obviously can be bought online or in your local pharmacy, depending on your choice.

If you need a prescription only medicine, you can either see your family doctor/ GP for a prescription, or alternatively, you can choose to buy the medicines from an online pharmacy. However, we cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of any of these online companies.


7- Can I request a formal letter to my Family Doctor/ GP with the diagnosis and treatment recommendations? 

Indeed you can. Users requesting a private prescription will be sent a letter to take to their GP at no cost.


8- How will I know when the doctor has replied to my question/problem?

Email notifications will be sent out every time the doctor replies.


9- Is it essential to upload photos

It is essential to upload a photograph of your skin. Dermatology is a unique branch of medicine where a diagnosis can be made on the basis of a good high quality photograph.


10- Is there a specific requirement for photo quality?

Photos should when possible be taken with a high resolution camera (3MP and above), in daylight or similar lighting. Whenever possible please send close up as well as long shots. The more photos you upload, the easier it is to make a diagnosis.


11- I have send my form, but haven’t received any reply yet?

Please make sure you have checked your spam folder. Also do make sure you add ‘’ and ‘’ to your ‘safe sender’s list’, in your email program. That would avoid emails going into your spam folder.

If you are still having a problem, please contact us via the ‘contact us’ page above.