Welcome to Online Skin Doctor.

We perform free dermatological Check-Up, review of your medical history, diagnosis of skin conditions and prescription of pharmacological treatment.  Also the answer to any doubts you may have concerning to skin disorders.  

Free Online Skin Clinic advanteges.

  1. No appointment is needed.
  2. Accurate diagnosis and treatments.
  3. Efficient medical service.
  4. Patient medical confidentiality protection.
  5. Evolutionary monitoring until the cure of the condition.

The skin is exposed to diseases that not only affect our health, but our self stem, among them are severe acneatopic dermatitispsoriasisrosaceafungal infections,  STD as genital warts or vulvovaginitis or even the most dangerous, the malignant skin diseases. In each and every one of them you should consult a skin doctor. You can access us at any time, just register in our website and get full access to personalized skin care analysis, skin disorder diagnosis and treatment and direct contact with experienced dermatologist. We are available to you 24 hours a day.


How to make an online consultation?

To check any skin concern, please follow the instruction below.   If you want to receive updated information published on our site, please subscribe to our newsletter . The correct diagnosis of a skin condition is made in 90% of cases thanks to the visual analysis of the affected area, which can be substituted on the basis of good quality photographs. If you need advice on skin care, a second opinion about a previous diagnosis. If you follow a treatment with poor results or if you are just looking for information about rasheczemasgenital diseasespigmentation disordershair loss, etc. Our medical services are at your disposal. Disclaimer: We are not intended to replace the role of traditional consultation, conscious of limitations, as it is not possible to see live, use dermatoscopy (in the interest of assessing moles) or palpate the skin, which is very important in Dermatology.

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